Successful Bible Memorization

Here are seven basic keys to successful Bible memorization. 

First, understand that the brain is a living organ requiring proper circulation in order to function properly. A diet rich in vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, and nuts is most conducive to healthful intelligence, clearing the arteries and improving cerebral blood flow. Avoidance of unnecessary and recreational drugs, including caffeine and nicotine, will increase oxygenated blood flow to the brain. Generously supplying the body with water between meals will likewise thin the blood and provide health to the brain. Nutrition, cardio-exercise, sunshine, rest, purity, and temperance all play important roles in enhanced brain function. Contact us for more information on a healthy brain.

Second, never despair of learning God’s Word. Trees continue to grow through their lifetimes, and likewise the human brain continues to make new connections throughout its life. Just as water, a seemingly weak substance, will eventually wear through stone with persistent dripping, so the Bible can be written on your heart. 

Third, choose meaningful verses. Make a list of 10-15 verses that have changed your life—which make your heart “burn within” you (Luke 24:32). Choose promises to talk to God about and claim in your prayers. 

Fourth, eliminate competing media that would cause the Word of God to lose its flavor to you. This includes media that is impure, fictional, or misleading, according to God’s Word (Philippians 4:8; Psalm 101:3). As donuts and ice cream for breakfast cause a child to lose appetite for healthy fruits, grains, nuts, and vegetables, the junk food of this world lessens our desire for God’s eternal Word (Psalm 19:10; Job 23:10-12). 

Fifth, write a verse on a small card (with reference on one side, and reference, verse, then reference on the other) and put it in a plastic packet. If you would like to have a verse packet, please contact us with an address of where to send it. Place the packet in your pocket wherever you go. While you are waiting for someone, standing in line, pumping fuel, walking, or using public transportation, use your time wisely and repeat God’s Word, praying for inspiration. Say the reference before and after to remember its address. Consistently say small portions without looking. Perfectly learn one or two a week.

Sixth, once you memorize a verse and can recall it perfectly, repeat it at least once daily, looking at the reference to start, for two to three months. The verses will begin to be as sweet as honey, but only if you are consistent in your review. 

Seventh, meditate on them, use them in prayer, and share them often with others. They will burn more deeply into your heart whenever God brings them to your mind or speaks through you to bless others. 

Remember your “passwords.” Don’t leave heavenly treasure unclaimed. Fill your heart with God’s promises and prayerfully align your heart with His Word for a powerful life of prayer. 

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